Basic Mathematics (Tamil)

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First Edition – August 2023

ISBN No :  978-81-19432-20-2

The book  “Basic Mathematics” is written for I Year Polytechnic students in accordance with the latest syllabus (Regulation 2023) Prescribed by the DOTE Tamilnadu.

The book consists of 5 units each unit contains 3 chapters Unit – I deals with matrics and determinants and solving a system of simultaneous  linear equation using Crammer’s rule (Determinant method)

Unit – II deals with Introduction of Trigonometry and its ratios, Graphs, compound angles and doubled angles identities.

Unit – III deals with vector introductions product of two vectors and application of vector products.

Unit – IV deals with Introduction of statistics Arithmetic mean and variance and fitting a straight line.

Unit – V deals with Probability Introduction Random Experiment,  Axioms of events and probability of events.

– M.Muthu

– A.Kiruba Joanofarc Rani

– S.Subramaniyan

– S.Jaya Seeli

– Sumathi Ramamurthy



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