Basics Electrical Electronics Engineering And Measurements

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                                                  UNIT I ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS
DC Circuits: Circuit Components: Conductor, Resistor, Inductor, Capacitor – Ohm’s Law
– Kirchoff’s Laws – Independent and Dependent Sources – Simple problems – Nodal Analysis,
Mesh analysis with Independent sources only (Steady state) Introduction to AC Circuits and
Parameters: Waveforms, Average value, RMS Value, Instantaneous power, real power, reactive
power and apparent power, power factor – Steady state analysis of RLC circuits (Simple
problems only)

                                             UNIT II ELECTRIC MACHINES
Construction and Working principle- DC Separately and Self excited Generators, EMF
equation, Types and Applications. Working principle of DC motors, Torque Equation, Types
and Applications. Construction, Working principle and Applications of Transformer, Three
phase Alternator, Synchronous motor and Three Phase Induction Motor.

                                         UNIT III ANALOG ELECTRONICS
Resistor, Inductor and Capacitor in Electronics Circuits- Semiconductor Materials:
Silicon & Germanium – PN Junction Diodes, Zener Diode – Characteristics and Applications,
Rectifier and Inverters

                               UNIT IV LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUITS
Ideal OP-AMP characteristics, Basic applications of op-amp – Inverting and
Non-Inverting Amplifiers, summer, differentiator and integrators-S/H circuit, D/A converter
(R-2R ladder), A/D converters- Flash type ADC using OP-AMPS. Functional block,
characteristics of 555 timer – Astable multi-vibrator mode.

Functional elements of an instrument, Standards and calibration, Operating Principle,
types – Moving Coil and Moving Iron meters, Measurement of three phase power, Energy
Meter, Instrument Transformers-CT and PT, SSO- Block diagram- Data acquisition.


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