Education in contemporary india (Eng) – B.Ed

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First Edition :Feb 2022

ISBN :978-93-89336-54-2


First and foremost, I would like to thank the Lord Almighty for sustaining me with grace, good health and the right mindset  which alone helped me to complete this grand work successfully

This  book tittle ”Education in Contemporary India’’ has been written in accordance with the latest syllabus framed by Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University for its first semester B.Ed  degree course.

The contents of this book is very precise and mentioned in points for easy understanding . I have taken lots of efforts to include each and every topic given in the syllabus.

I strongly believe that all the students who read this book diligently, will be able to answer the questions set by the university with full confidence .

I specially thank M/s.Sri Krishna Publications for their whole hearted support in publishing this book .

Healthy criticisms and useful suggestions for the improvement of this book are welcome. With all the best wishes to the readers.




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