Environmental Science and Sustainability

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First published in 2005
Fifteenth edition-2023
Author :Dr.A.Ravikrishnan

The book entitled GE3451 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & SUATAINABILITY is Written in accordance With the new syllabus (Regulations 2021) under CBCS pattern of B.E & B.Tech courses of “Anna University Chennai”.

The unique features of this edition,
• All the topics are covered and more illustrative diagrams and charts are given wherever necessary.
• At the end of each chapters part B questions are given containing Anna University Questions.
• At the end of book part A, Q & A for all the chapters are given.
• At the end of book tamil meaning for the hard technical words are given for the easy understanding.
• At the start of the book important diagrams are provided in 4 colour, which is useful to understand the concept.

Besides these I present this book will in a self learning style that will be best appreciated even by the average students.

I hope that this book will be useful to both teachers and students. Finally I would request the readers to kindly send their valuable comments and suggestions towards the improvement of the book and the same will be gratefully acknowledged.


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Environmental Science