Language across the curriculum(Eng) – B.Ed

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First Edition : 2022


ISBN : 978-93-91330-32-3


The foremost aim of my effort  is to equip the student teachers with a resourceful guide on Language across the curriculum. This book covers all topics of Language across the curriculum which has been prescribed in the Tamilnadu. I am fully Teachers Education University ,Tamilnadu .I am fully confident that this book ,in its present from,will be very helpful to B.Ed students.

Language  across the curriculum is one of the most important components of Education process .It is very  complex, ongoing and never ending process and it needs great attention .Framing of curriculum with language at various levels of education is a co-operative effort of curriculum experts,educationists, teachers, parents, students  and voluntary  agencies .I strongly believe that educators and teachers need to possess a strong framework from which the curriculum for pupils may  be envisioned and brought forth .With the advent of ICT revolution, globalization and economic reforms it is imperative  to resort curriculum reform with language.

It is highly  imperative that the educational curriculum way language be paid the highest attention ,as it shapes  the way education is received by students. Frequently teachers have little knowledge about their role Being a teacher educator ,I realized the importance of curriculum development and made and attempt to explain the various aspect of curriculum development through language .

This book talks about the concepts ,meaning,definition and type curriculum with language .This book also  discusses foundations of language thought curriculum and provides the basic tasks  for curriculum development  and curriculum designing using language .Due importance is given for a various curriculum approaches of principles of language  across the curriculum ,academic language ,social language , integrated curriculum, language education ,theories of language learning and language related issuse in this book .

This book is an introductory in nature and it has been written with the intention of given quality information. I  will be very grateful to the readers if its  deficiencies are pointed out  so that they may be removed in the next edition.

Happily inform I am working as Assistant Professor in Dr.Sivanthi  Aditanar College of Education, I express my hearty gratitude to Mr.S.Balasubramanian  Adityan descendant of Padmashri Dr.B.Sivanthi Adityan founder of this extreme institution .

I would also like to express my gratitude to for the continued support and encouragement of my family member and colleagues, especially our colleage  Principle Dr.P.Swamydhas  and Arts and Craft Instructor Mr.k.Natarajan.

I  would  like to express sincere gratitude wholeheartedly my Ph.D research guide Dr.A.Punitha Mary, Assistant Professor in Education, Xavier’s  college of Education , Palayamkottai.

I  am  heartfelt  thanks  to  Sri Krishna  publications for considering and publishing my books.

– S.Rajamanickavasagan


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