Physical Chemistry – I / Eng

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First published in 2019
Second Edition in 2022
ISBN: 978-93-89336-09-2
Author :Dr.A.Ravikrishnan, S.Srinivasa Chetty


Physical Chemistry-I
The book Physical Chemistry-I is written in accordance with the latest revised syllabus (Regulation 2020) of “Thiruvalluvar University” for III-year (V-semester) B.Sc(major chemistry) Degree courses.

The entire syllabus is divided into 5 units and all the units are written in a simple language with more illustrations.

The unique features of this edition.
• It is the exclusive edition (100%) for Thiruvalluvar University.
• This book is written in such a way that it contains answer for all the university questions (upto Apr/May 2019) of Thiruvalluvar University examinations.
• Each unit is provided with Part B and C questions upto Apr/May 2019 at the end.
• At the end of the book TU Part A Q & A for all the 5 units are provided.
• Solved TU question papers Aprl/may 2019 are also attached at the end of the book for reference

We hope that this book will be useful to both teachers and students. We request the staff members to kindly recommended this book to all the students.


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