Ukg Term-2 Activity

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For kids
First published in 2017

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This new Assendo Knowledge Park’s Term Books for the little kids are intended to teach the kids in a way Mother does at home. The child learns the lessons effortlessly visualizing all the new concepts of 3D FIGURES first of its kind in the kids books. The ALL smiling faces of the pictures make the child learning a joyful experience and kindles the spirit of the kind. The multicolour 3D Illustrations in the book ensures the concentration of the children in the book and to their own
This book is aimed at an all round development of the children in the age group of 3-4years. The book has been divided in three parts, one for each term in tune with the current trend.
The series of books cover the following aspects of the children development.
• Pre Reading skills , Pre writing & Basics writing skills
• Pre numbers & numbers concepts
• Development of motor skills
• Understanding the immediate environment
Additional features
• WRITING SKILL BOOK-learning of the alphabet and the cursive writing.
• QUESTION PAPERS-are provided for the assessment of the child at the end of each term.


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