Basic Physics (Tamil)

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First Edition – 2023August

ISBN No : 978-81-19432-22-6

The book “Basic Physics” is written as per the detailed syllabus (Regulation 2023) and Question pattern given by DOTE, Chennai for I Semester Polytechnic Students.

All the topic in this book are written in simple language with relevant diagrams and illustration. Model Question Papers (Regulation 2023) are also provided for Basic Physics I for the easy reference.

Part A  Q & A  and part B Questions are added in this edition.

We hope that his book will be more useful to both staffs and students. We will e grateful to the staff members if the book is recommended to the I year diploma students.

We would like to express our gratitude to our management, principal of our college for permitting us to write this book.

–  T.Baskar

–  B.Senthamil Selvi

–  A.Vasu

–  T.Tamil Selvi

–  R.Angavai



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150 90