Heritage of Tamils ( English )

320 190

First Edition – August 2023

ISBN : 978-81-19432-18-9

This book ‘Heritage of Tamils’ has been written for the first year,First Semester Polytechnic students as per the New Syllabus (Regulation 2023) prescribed by DOTE,Chennai.

The purpose of this course for the engineering students is to inform the present generation that Sangam Tamils excelled in science and technology. The modern technology in use is a continuation of the Sangam era.

Due to the absence of information technology in the Sangam era, they could not transfer its technology to the next generation. However, through inscriptions and literary reference i.e, through Purananooru,Agananooru,the technology of the Sangam Tamils is explained with evidences from verses like Pathirupathu, Nartinai through this book.

This book is explained in simple language with necessary pictures at specific places for students’ better understanding. Practice questions are given at the end of each unit and part A questions and answers at the end of the book.

My whole – hearted thanks are due to my sons Mr.R.Ajayvikaash, M.Tech., (VIT,Vellore) and Mr.R.Jeevavikaash, M.B.B.S., (PSG Coimbatore) who extended their technical support in the preparation of this book.



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