Pedagogy of Biological Science Part-I (Eng) – B.Ed

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First  Edition : October 2018

Second Edition: June 2022

ISBN :978-93-87870-48-2


Cherish your knowledge with updating information in your field , especially if you are a teacher you are a teacher you must update regulary. in this challenging changing world ,we are facing lots  of challenges every minute. yours ? experience is  another one ?s new learning .Every  organism?s  in this universe ready to survive in various way .There are more then 2 million different  kinds of living things on earth . Each  kind of living thing is  called an organism, which is suited to live in its own special place .However,earth contains countless places  to live and therefore a great diversity  of life is observed all over .the living  organism distinct characters, Whitch entails a mechanism of organ and evolution of diversities and maintain a balancing relation with nature .this present book the pedagogy of biological science :Part -I has been written strictly according to the revise the syllabus of Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University (TNTEU) edition 2021-2022.In this book, freshly revised new chapters have been added as  per the Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University (TNTEU)  norms. This text book with latest, up to date information on recent topics such as ICT resources, Augmented Reality ,New  emerging media, Artificial Intelligence, etc., has been discussed in the concern chapters.

The five chapters have written in a way to provide a clear understanding of pedagogy of Biological science-I. Every effort has been written in a way to provide recent and up to date information with mind map and mnemonics. The language of the book has kept very simple ,lucid ,concise and informative. the test of the book has been well illustrated with simple and labeled diagrams in order to make the content easily understandable to the student .the author has tried her best to organize the subject matter in such away that makes the subject easy to grasp and retain its continuity .so that interest of the student is maintained and a curiosity is  aroused amongst them . I express my sincere thanks  to My Lovely Family and Most Respected Management Mangayarkarasi Group of Institution for publishing my third book .

Suggestion for the improvement of the book would be welcome and incorporated in the subsequent edition.


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