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First Edition : Jun 2022

ISBN :978-93-91330-85-9


The rapid advancement in Teacher Education in the last two decades has led to a tremendous increase in the number of teacher education  college in India .This has resulted in the great need for those with B.Ed ., course.consequently the need for text book and additional reading material for this level of training is growing.this book is intended to be unique in the sense that various aspects of pedagogy of physical science, spread over five chapters, are discussed on the basic of the concrete  context of the teacher of the teacher education learners by forging linkages among learners ,the context and the context and the content as well as the processes of the subject matter in a seamless manner .

This  book is not just for reading ,but should be used to get actively involved in the teaching -learning process. This will enable them to develop various skills such as microteaching link practice,macro teaching and questions for discussion with reflections.

It is to meet this need that book on pedagogy of physical science-I has been prepared since 2021 in choice based credit system (Credits:5)first semester partten (Course code :BDIPS) for the B.Ed. students of Tamilnadu Teachers Education University ,chennai ,who have taken pedagogy of physical science as one of their subjects. This book attempts  to provide a comprehensive and meaningful account of science education ,aims and objectives of teaching  of physical science at various teaching skills ,instructional objectives for  a Lesson, different teaching methods and various  resources in teaching  physical science in the educational structure .This book contains main fact which are to be found in the original sources with realizing the rarity of book dealing with theory and practice of teaching science education.

The first chapter giving the instructional objectives and behavioural  objectives of physical science with reference to BLOOM’S Taxonomy .

The second chapter deal with the various micro-teaching skills ,link macro teaching and model epuisode writing in terms of different type of content such as physical and chemistry are creating the distinguished teaching ability in constructive manner.

The third chapter deals with the various teaching approaches of lesson planning steps, teaching organization of unit plan and effective lesson plan writing skills.

The fourth chapter gives the methods of teaching in various aspects ,teaching centered  instruction ,and learner centered instruction with  ICT.

In the last chapter deal with instructional media  classifications,use of mass media in classroom instruction with new emerging media in physical  science .

All above mentioned ,this course will help you to get a comprehensive , picture of the present scenario of pedagogy  of physical science .

This book endeavours to present  the present the latest material and also serve as a handy  reference manual for practicing teachers and other interested in pedagogy of physical science teachers and students. Adequate  hints and suggestion have also been given for handling the field situation .

The authors extend grateful thanks to all the authors  and the publishers whose publication has made use of preparation of this book .

A special note of thanks must go to Krishna publishers  for publishing this book .

We welcome suggestions and comments from our student -teachers and teacher -educators for further refinement and improvement of this book.

March 2022




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