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Fist Edition :November 2021

Second :Octomber 2022

Third Edition :July 2023

ISBN : 978-93-85374-08-1

With the globalization of knowledge and culture, the need for acquiring good Professional English by one and all has assumed great significance in this twenty-first century.in fact, the demand for learning effective Professional English has never been so great as it stands today. It is interesting to note that during the last two decades, the use of English for professional purposes has not been confined only to the elite group of society, people from the middle classes are equally keen on learning and using it effectively.

it is because they consider Professional English as a passport for guaranteed success in life. The craze for learning Professional English has led to the mushroom growth of various coaching institutes all over the country. In their advertisement, they very often claim to help an institute learn Professional English within 30-40 days. Well, I need not say that it is just a business gimmick used by these English teaching shops. It is practically impossible to teach or learn good Professional English in just 30-40 days as claimed by some of these commercial coaching institutes.

Learning Professional English does not mean parrot-like repeating some crammed sentences with the help of a limited vocabulary. It means acquiring a skill to generate and use functional English in ever-changing life situations while speaking. For this, besides acquiring the required sense patterns and expression in a given situation a person needs an appropriate vocabulary as well. Naturally, all this cannot be learned or taught in just 30-40 minutes, How much time is actually needed by an individual to be able to communicate confidently and naturally i different situations of life, is difficult to say. it differs with person-to-person and from situation to situation. However, one thing is certain a person needs a minimum of 2-3 hours of rigorous sessions every day for various purposes in life. of course, a strong desire coupled with one-track working is a pre-condition for the successful completion of this project on Professional English.

Although there are a few books available in the market on Professional English, they do not really help an individual acquire professional skills. They primarily deal with technical knowledge and the accompanying jargon.

This book A Workbook of Professional English -1 is meant for the first year(1st semester)B, E/B.Tech., students studying under the jurisdiction of Anna University. It covers the revised syllabus (Regulation 2021)for the course professional English adopted at Anna University. The book has a wide range of utility.it is also suitable for job professionals who would like to enhance their oral and written professional skills. I have also taken into consideration aspirants of English proficiency examinations, who wish to sharpen their grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing skills. Above all teachers will find this book useful for making their class institutions learner-centered and practical.

The accent in the book is less on the theory and more on practice. Written in simple English, the contains a large number of illustrative examples for each topic, These are followed by plenty of practice material so that the student can gain material over the language items they have learned, This is just not a theoretical book but a detailed guide for learning and developing your professional skills.

I hope the students will find this book useful in their effort to acquire mastery over the English language for their particular field of work.

I am indebted to Vishnu Prints Media, Chennai for the speedy and quality publication of this book.

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