Communicative English – I

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First Edition : August 2023

ISBN No : 978-81-19432-24-0

Communication works for those who at it” John Powell”?

Having realized the responsibilities as the authors of ‘Communicative English I’, we have attempted to give Justice for enhancing the students’ LSRW Skills.

When the focus is on strengthening the different skills, we want to assure that we have not deviated from enabling the students from mastering the syllabus contents.

This book ‘Communicative English I’ has brought out ample opportunities to the students for learning the topics of the syllabus elaborately. This book has 131 exercises totally , which are inclusive of the tasks pertaining to all the LSRW Skills. For the benefit of students towards improving the Aural, Oral Skills audios have been given in the CD.

In the Reading Section, pronunciation focus has been given for creating an awareness among the students to improve their English pronunciation. Listening to the audios, the students can improve their Speaking Skills by imitation.

The authors are confident that ‘Communicative English I’ will help the students for performing well in the board Exam and also for improving their Language Skills.

The authors extend their best wishes to all the Faculty members and the students.

  • Lakshmana Perumal
  • Saral Inarani
  • L.Bismy



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