Engineering Physics

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First Edition: June 2013

Second Edition: June 2014

Third Resived edition: June 2015

Four Edition: June 2016

Fifth New Edition: August  2017

Sixth Revised Edition: November 2021

Seventh Revised Edtion: July 2022

Eighth Edition: Jully 2023

ISBN: 978-93-86590-25-1


It is elementary for engineers and technologists of varying disciplines to have a strong background in physics as it provides the foundation on which elegant building, engineering, and technology are built.

This book, titled Engineering Physics has been organized as per the syllabus of Anna University Regulations, R-2021. This book strives to expose engineering students to develop an understanding of the important concepts of physics to have a solid background for the optimum utilization of resources in scientific research, and technological, and industrial applications.

This book follows a simple narrative style with an emphasis on clarity. The concepts are treated rigorously to help students gain a deep-rooted understanding of the key elements of the subject which would help students to build their self-confidence which is the key aspect of learning.

Whether you are a student or teacher, we hope this book will serve your needs.



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450 315