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Plumbing – Sanitary Work – Safety during work – Types of plumbing pipes – Plumbing tools – Cutting Tools – Plumbing Symbols – Pipe Fittings – Types of pipe joints – Pipe bending tools – Pipe Cutting – Threading a Pipe – Methods of Testing Pipelines – Smoke Test – Pressure Hydraulic Test – Plumbing and Sanitary Fixtures – Tap or Faucet – Shower – Water Closets – Flushing Cistern – Geyser – Valves.
Types of Pumps – Deep Well Pump – Centrifugal Pump – Reciprocating Pump – Jet Well Pump – Rotary Pump – Water Meter. Causes of Damage to the Pipeline and
Plumbing System – Steps for Repair – defects commonly encountered in the functioning of taps and faucets, its causes and remedial measures – The defects commonly encountered during the functioning of stopcock, its causes and remedial measures – The commonly encountered defects during the operation of gate valves, their causes and remedial measures.
Types of water purifiers – Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifiers – Ultra Filter water purifiers – Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purifiers – Gravity Based water purifiers – Activated Carbon water purifiers – Guidelines for Installation of Water Purifier – Identify the Fault – Common problems and their solutions.
Exercise 1
Install the water supply system as shown in the layout(shower with hot and cold water supply) and prepare the bill of material with specifications.

Exercise 2
Install the drainage system as shown in the layout and prepare the bill of material with specifications.

Exercise 3
Install the given pump for the water supply to storage. Prepare the list of components with specifications.

Exercise 4
Install the Water Purifier and mount the filter. Demonstrate how to replace the damaged components, membrane, filter, valve and water tank.

Basic Concept of Electricity – Types of electricity – Voltage – Current – Classification of current – Resistance – Electric power – Power factor – Basic Electric Circuit – Series Circuit – Parallel Circuit – Ohm’s Law – Kirchhoff’s Law – Power – Energy – Tools and Equipment – Importance of Earthing System – Types of Earthing – Pipe Earthing – Plate Earthing – Lightning – Lightning Arrester – Wiring materials – Insulating Materials – Wiring Accessories – Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) – Conduit Wiring – Concealed Wiring – Colour Code – Distribution Board – Electrical Hazard – Fire Extinguisher – First Aid for Electrical Emergencies – Electrical Rescue Techniques. Different Types of CCTV Cameras – Components Needed for CCTV Camera Installation – IP Camera Installation – Security Cameras – Best Locations for Indoor and Outdoor Camera – Installing Network Video Recorders (NVR) for CCTV Systems – Configuring and Testing the CCTV Systems – Maintenance and Troubleshooting of CCTV Camera Systems – Tips for Mounting Cameras Safely. Fire Alarm System Components – Alarm Signalling Systems – Automatic Alarm-Initiating Devices – Manually Actuated Alarm-Initiating Devices – Inspection and Testing / Smoke Detector using Arduino and Smoke Sensor: Components used – Arduino UNO development board – 16×2 LCD – Smoke Sensor – Breadboard – Connecting wires. – Fire alarm – Installation procedure.

Exercise 5
Connect the single phase power supply for domestic applications as per the circuit diagram. List the bill of materials with specifications.

Exercise 6
Prepare an earth bit and erect the earth electrode / plate. Mention the importance of Earthing and Lightning arrester.

Exercise 7
Install a CCTV camera and configure. Mention the list of components.

Exercise 8
Install the Smoke Detector Alarm / Fire alarm system as per the circuit. (Electrical / IOT based)

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